An endeavor by Shri Raj Krishan Sharma, the Founder of Aradhana Mission is to preserve, maintain and to spread the pristine glory of Indian culture is the inspiration of his father Sh.Maman Chand Shastri ji, a renowned Astrologer and a man revered for his adoration to Lord Shiva and his pious mother Smt.Chanderpati ji, a devotee of Maa Durga (Banbhori wali).

Aims and Objectives

  1. To impart/ propagate religious education literacy awareness of any Religion/ social rights/social and to establish/ manage, Asthal, Temples, medication, Institutes in India and Abroad and to undertake the welfare activities concerning the persons associated with the aims and objectives of Mission.
  2. To open the training centres for facilitating, training of yoga, pooja, archana, meditation in particular and of any other activity fulfilling the aims and objectives of Mission in general.
  3. To promote Ayurveda, Panchkarma, Naturopathy, nuga, Yoga, Colour Therapy and other Pathies/ Therapies for keeping developing, curing, personalities the human spiritual, mental and physical health.
  4. To promote the concept of \’Vasundarai Katumbkam\’ and Live More & More with nature. “JEEV RAKSHA” \’Live & Let Live”.
  5. To propagate the use / develop and creation of New and Renewable Energies i.e. Eco-friendly, Anti-pollution measures/ Sources for producing energies with particular emphasis on Solar Energy, Wind Energy and create an awareness about Conservation of Energy.
  6. To develop and operate the Eco-herbal Parks, Spas and Huts and provide the required Natural Health Care for every Living Being, Sadhak / Aradhak.
  7. To impart education for developing Intelligence/ Personality Patriotic feelings and to educate in other fields by Establishing/ Adopting/ taking control of existence, maintaining & managing educational or other Institutions such as Medical, Technical, Professional or any other Institutions/ schools.
  8. To implement various programmes of employment generation, literacy campaigns and Social-economic Development.
  9. To protect the wild life and endangered birds species.
  10. To strive and raise consciousness/ awareness for personal hygiene, home sanitation, safe water, proper disposal of garbage, excreta and waste water and to save the air, water, noise pollution free.
  11. To strive to enhance the capabilities for disaster reduction, preparedness and mitigation through the enhanced level of awareness of the people about the disasters they are likely to face and prepare them adequately to face the crisis situation in future.