Kaal – Sarp  


Amongst the nine planets, Rahu and Ketu (northern and southern lunar nodes respectively) are the only shady or shadow planets. From the perspective of Jyotish, their effects are minimal. Rahu’s birth-constellation God is Yama (God of death), while of Ketu is the sarpa (the serpent). 


Whenever all the planets tread between Rahu and Ketu, this yog (juncture) is known as the kaal-sarp yog. Rahu finishes its transit in all the rashis (zodiacs) in almost 18 years. Accordingly, in the span of 18 years, given the 12 zodiacs, there will be myriad separate formations of the kaal-sarp. According to the movement or transit of the planets, a situation comes to be when all the planets are towards Rahu and Ketu, and in the other state they are looking away from Rahu and Ketu.  Accordingly, this dual kaal-sarp makes for 12 x 12 x 12 = 288 kaal-sarps. Other kaal-sarp yogs too should be of 288 types. A complete calculation would tale the total value of the kaal-sarps to 288 x 12 = 3456. Nonetheless, the held belief is that right from Mesha (Aries) to all the other zodiacs, there are only 12 sarpas, which have been named as follows:


  1. Ananta Kaal-Sarp yog 2. Kulik Kaal-Sarp yog 3. Vasuki Kaal-Sarp yog 4. Shakhpal Kaal-Sarp yog 5. Padma Kaal-Sarp yog 6. Mahapadma Kaal-Sarp yog

       7. Takshak Kaal-Sarp yog 8. Karkotak Kaal-Sarp yog 9. Shanknaad Kaal-Sarp yog 10. Paatak kaalsarp yog 11. Vishatta Kaal-Sarp yog 12. Sheshnag

In the jyotish shaastras of Hinduism, no yog by the name of Kaal-sarpa finds mention. Nonetheless, there’s full propaganda of this new yog. Hence, for its appeasement and cure, novel ways are being suggested.

These days some astrologers create new yoga in birth chart For Eg. Aanshik kalsarp yog, there is no such yog.