Concealing Mantra Deeksha (initiation) or Naam Daan is hypocrisy – 

These days many rookie gurus are misguiding with regard to mantras. The new name for Mantra Deeksha is Naam Daan. After receiving the Naam Daan or initiation, the beneficiary or the receiver is disallowed to share this knowledge of having become a recipient. There is no validation or provision for such an act of concealment in any of the shaastras (sacred scriptures) or holy books. In society, the only thing that necessitates hiding is debauchery and turpitude. Hiding devotion or allegiance to God doesn’t fall within the purview of any religion because the scriptures and holy books of all religions advocate the propagation of Bhakti (worship).

 Some people have conjured up new ways of Beej Mantra (a condensed mantra or chant; Beej = seed) overkill, whereas Beej Mantras can never be entirely fruitful. They quite simply exist in a state prior to the Mool Mantra (the parent mantra), so that the chanter can be conditioned for the Mool Mantra. You only gain vitamins and proteins upon the consumption of some fruit or foods, nonetheless, if you solely start thriving on the kernels and seeds of say lemons, mangoes, apples and oranges, would you be deriving the same nutrition? This is why the application of one’s perspicacity and rationale is of immense consequence in Bhakti.

Monthly Magazine: Aradhak, October, 2017 

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