In parapsychological and many forums of spiritual practice, aura is a field of subtle luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object (life the halo or aurela of religious art )that some people are claim to be capable of observing by means of their third eye. The depiction of such an aura in a religious art connects a person of particular power or holiness. According to the literature of theosophy, anthroposophy and archosophy, each colour of the AURA has a precise meaning indicating a previous emotional State.

Aura is shadow personality of the person which attract and impress the other people by way of strengthen of the aura. It is just like ozone layer of the Earth.

Weak aura is main reason for failure in every field of life. The colour of the Aura always according to the state of mind. Aradhana mission object is to improve and get the strengthen of the aura of their members through meditation and chanting of mantras.

Anybody can get Aura purification trough our Mission to get happiness, health, peace of mind, marriage and all other field of life.