Aradhana Mission is a registered social, spiritual and a charitable association which was floated with the prime agenda to enlighten the people of the misconceptions in the Society in respect of superstitions being preached in religions by the imposters and fakers for the advancement of their own personal interests. Aradhana Mission is a spiritual revaluation which bears its origin and path ways for change in the society. This change heads towards the objectives of change of thoughts and views of an individual and the Society as a whole. It also aims at changing the lifestyle of people and a major degree of negativity that rests in the Society today.

Late Shri Maman Chand Shastri father of Guru Raj Krishan Sharma, the founder of Aradhana Mission established an astrology association/Centre by the name Jyotish Khoj Kendra during his life time where he actually worked on satisfying the curiosity and clearing the doubts of people by rendering to them, a scientific reason/ aspect for all the spiritual mandate making them aware and wiser, resulting into self-content.

The Aradhana Mission stands for the belief that every human is believer of God since birth and no person has the authority to play with the sentiments of any such persons.  Honorable Guru Raj Krishan Sharma observed people in this Society getting duped by imposters, fakers and self-styled Godman in the name of superstitions and religion.  A natural sense of revolution for the same emerged into his heart and soul to make the Society aware of such people. Guru ji took upon himself to educate people against such imposters and also raised his own voice against such people who deteriorate human brains and human relations in the name of astrology. Most of such self styled so called astrologers who pretend to profess self-drawn degrees of recognition and gold medals in the field of Astrology tried to suppress the voice of Guru ji by raising a banner of revolt  against Guru ji. However, all such efforts aimed at suppressing Guru ji’s voice turned futile  due to Guru ji’s, truthfulness, sincerity, sacrifice  and most significant of all the blessing of Maa Bhanboriwali and all this led him to triumphant victory. The social revolution  that took birth as a bud to awaken the masses against fakers, imposters and self styled Godman has blossomed now into a beautiful flower and is now popular among one and all under the name Aradhana Mission.  The mission is today working tirelessly in every villages, town and city. The services rendered by the mission is totally free and aimed at social welfare. Questions on reality of Vaastu, truths about Shani, mysteries related prayers and beliefs, strategies to control anger, good and positive thinking and making up of a good human are being answered and preached . Any citizen can be part of this Mission to carry forward the preaching’s of Guru ji by creating small associations of people in the respective areas  under the banner of Aradhana Mission and thereafter by holding free camps and programmes in enlightening the people of the programmes of the Mission.

Aradhana Mission acts as a holy yajna where even a small bit of offerings given by an individuals contribute to transform the ill-wills in the society into a world free of fakers, imposters, self-styled Godmen and other evils.  All are invited to be a part of Aradhana Mission and to know oneself the realities of life.  Please contribute your part of effort to remove the evil of blind faith out of our society and make the world a better place to live in without any fear or superstition.